COP27 + COP15 = MY23

COP27: In 2022, our governments committed to:

  • focusing on the 1.5C goal for global warming
  • funding developing countries for loss and damage

COP15: In 2022, our governments committed to:

  • protecting 30% of our land by 2030.

What do COP27 and COP15 mean for me in 2023?

Governments can’t and won’t act without our demands and votes. So let’s use our power as consumers, citizens, parents, workers, colleagues, neighbours and friends – as climate mitigators – to demand a livable future for our loved ones. Do what is within your personal, financial and emotional capacity.

  • Reduce personal emissions in the areas of energy, mobility and meat consumption. There’s no need to tangle yourself up in knots about it – before each consumption decision simply ask yourself if it’s really in the best climate interests of your loved ones – and yourself. Most of the time it’s not and you can get back to enjoying yourself without that ‘thing’. Focus on high impact actions – mobility choices, meat, and energy consumption. And remember, the emissions from the new ‘thing’ you want to buy belongs to you, not the factory in China, Bangladesh or Pakistan.
  • Talk to your family and friends about your decision. There’s no need to argue about it – you’re only responsible for your own actions, but it’s good to share your story.
  • Vote for your government to meet its COP27/15 commitments if you’ve got an election coming up in your area. This includes financing – progressive tax increases for those who can afford it are going to be far cheaper than the future costs of doing nothing.
  • Demand that your political party develop and implement policies to meet their COP27/15 commitments. This includes financing – the future costs of doing nothing will be far higher for your loved ones.
  • Join a local environmental initiative.
  • Donate to and fund green initiatives.

There’s a tonne of information online if you’re not sure where to start. But if in doubt, just start with the word ‘sorry’.

S – stop

O – opportunity for positive change for the future of your loved ones

R – reflect

R – reduce

Y – for you and yours.

And if you find yourself flagging during the year, think of your loved ones living through these unpredictable and often ferocious weather patterns, and say ‘sorry’ as an expression of sympathy for this new reality and an acknowledgement that we didn’t do enough in past years to ensure our governments kept their commitments.

Together, we’ve got this.

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